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Imagine you are astronaut in a spaceship. What would you see on their way to Mars? What is the first thing you would do after landing on it?

Video games (video games in English) and virtual reality technologies allow us to be astronauts, scientists, or whatever we want. In a space game simulation called Kerbal Space Program, you can be an engineer and build satellites and launch them to the moon. Want to visit and explore the moon, and build a space colony on it? In the game everything is possible.

Gilad Krein Gaming environments and 3D virtual reality allow learners to control their learning journey through the computer screen, or through virtual reality glasses.

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The Next-Gen Console War: PS5 vs Xbox Series X

The next generation of video game consoles is upon us, and the battle lines have been drawn. On one side is Sony's PlayStation 5, and on the other is Microsoft's Xbox Series X. Both consoles have their fair share of fans, but only one can come out on top. So, which...

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Sitting all day in front of the computer or console and just playing? So you are probably also considered a "gamer" whether you are a fan of sports games, racing, action games, shooting games (FPS), mass network games and more, here in the gamers section of Gilad Krein you will find all the news about the field of games.